Lung Transplant Cost in India

Published: 17th May 2011
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Lung transplant is a possible alternative for those who have serious lung problems which are caused by cystic fibrosis. This involves diseased lungs to be removed and replacing them with healthy lungs from a recently dead donor. Living donor lobar transplant in certain cases is performed when an individual is waiting for a full lung transplant.

In this process, the lower lobe of one lung in each of two living donors is transplanted into the individual who has the deceased lung. This lung transplant is performed less compared to other kinds of lung transplants as this complicated transplant involves two living donors.

After the transplant surgery, the patient is put on a ventilator which takes over the breathing process. The patient is put on a ventilator support for a minimum of two days post the transplant. The person needs to stay in the hospital for 2 to 3 weeks after the transplant.


Those who have a damaged lung caused by cystic fibrosis might get a lung transplant. The risks are higher than the benefits, so individuals who have moderate or mild disease do not generally get a transplant. Before an individual qualifies for a lung transplant, there are certain evaluations which need to be done as to how serious is the lung disease, whether you have any other diseases and whether you are able to follow a complex pre-transplant and follow up regimen.

On an average about 70 out of 100 individuals who receive a lung transplant stay alive at least one year after the procedure and about 50 out of 100 survive for at least 5 years.

Cost Involved

Lung transplant cost and medical care differs from hospital to hospital and place to place. It largely depends on the country or the destination the hospital is in. The cost of lung transplant in US hospitals is the highest whereas the cost of lung transplant in India and Thailand is less expensive. You need to assess the condition and plan accordingly as to where you want to go for a transplant surgery.

Expectations after Surgery

A lung transplant increases the life of a patient who would otherwise die. The surgery is performed only when there is a very good chance of success. Finding a donor is difficult for a lung transplant as the donated organs should come from an individual who has been declared brain dead, but is still on life support. The patient who needs the transplant must be healthy enough to last the surgery.

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