Principle of Glucose Watch Meter

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Published: 17th October 2011
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One of the many things you would wish to do is to find out the normal range of values of blood glucose levels under different circumstances when you suspect yourself or someone close to you of having diabetes. Depending on when youíve eaten or how much youíve eaten, the blood glucose levels tend to rise and fall throughout the day as they arenít fixed.
Thus, it helps to have a blood sugar level chart to monitor and later discuss with your doctor.
Importance of Glucose Monitoring
Patients monitoring their sugar levels by themselves have changed the diabetes management over the last few years as diabetes is known to be a chronic disease which has no known cure scientifically. This disease, without its proper management, could cause severe long term health complications such as kidney disease, heart disease, blindness and nerve damage, potentially leading to death.
Diabetics can lead a normal life by keeping the concentration of glucose in the blood inside a limited range, i.e. 90 to 110 mg/dl.
Gluco Watch Monitor
Monitoring blood glucose levels all day is not at all easy. The Gluco Watch monitor, a newly made product is a device which is worn on the wrist and provides non-invasive, automatic measurement of glucose levels for people with diabetes. It has a throwaway sensor which allows measuring the sugar levels in the fluids on the outermost layers of the skin of the wrist by adhering to the wrist of the wearer.
Gluco watch is a first non invasive blood glucose measuring machine approved by the FDA. It can measure the blood sugar level for nearly 12 hours at every 20 minutes.
Working of Gluco Watch Monitor
The Principle of Glucowatch monitor is such that it must be calibrated first before using. The wearer, by using the conventional finger prick method can take an original glucose measurement. The monitor, once calibrated, can provide up to 3 glucose readings each for ten to twelve hours. For collecting the glucose molecules through unbroken skin, the Gluco Watch monitor uses reverse iontophoresis.
Iontophoresis is a needle free, non invasive method of controlling and enhancing the movement of ionic drugs, which are soluble in water, out of the skin and nearby tissues using an electric current of low level.
If you want to save time and trouble in taking measurements for your glucose readings, then try using this Gluco Watch meter.

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